Monday, May 11, 2009

Moon Square Pluto; Reliance Vs. Destruction

When the moon (emotional nature) is in tension aspect to Pluto (control, transformation) in a natal chart, natives will feel they are constantly at the mercy of their overwhelming emotions. Even when there are strong indicators elsewhere in the chart of calm, capable self control, these folks' emotions will still seem to get the best of them every time. As a result, they will often resort to cruel tactics in order to control their emotional nature; namely by destroying every relationship in their lives which they feel an emotional reliance on.

Natives are often natural born loners, consumed with a quest to always be true to themselves. There is no fear of being alone with this placement, and many natives will find that they enjoy their solitude to a higher degree than what is considered normal. An obsession with controlling their own emotions typically leads to an extreme preoccupation with the turmoil of the inner self. Intimate relationships therefore are often difficult, fraught with intensity and extremes.

Moon Square Pluto individuals hate feeling restricted and will chafe against any imprisoning bonds, even if they are self-imposed. They prefer to take a dominate position in their relationships as a result, and will never willingly be submissive. If forced to do so, resentment will grow steadily and the native will inevitably undermine their partner's dominance with manipulative, subversive tactics. They can react almost violently toward anyone trying to change them, and will deliberately act in more extreme ways when displaying behaviors that another hopes to change.

Because Pluto is in tension aspect to Moon (female energy), natives will find they often make women uncomfortable. Their intense inner emotions generate an atmosphere around them which causes women to see them as threatening, intimidating and odd. Constant, confusing conflicts with Luna-type women (Lilith-type women being a different story) throughout life may lead to alienation from The Feminine and only strengthen Pluto's hold over the Moon.

As the Moon also rules the home, individuals with this placement typically have disruptive and difficult home lives in late childhood and adolescence. Conflicts with parents are virtually guaranteed as the individual grows into her/his self and rejects attempts by parental figures to mold them in any way. However, they find that their lives will change suddenly and not of their choosing often and dramatically, bringing them closer to their families over time. Perhaps ironically, it's typically the family which is most able to accept Moon square Pluto for who they truly are.

There is great struggle in this placement with powerful feelings of destructive energy, an urge to destroy and break down anything that even remotely resembles an obstacle. Natives will find they feel a sense of rebirth (Pluto) after tearing down such "obstacles," a feeling they likely may become addicted to. Their tendency is to explode in order to create solitude and space for personal changes to occur, as they are most able to deal with themselves when devoid of emotional attachment to others. It can be hard for others to understand how this sensation of destructive emotional energy shapes and restricts these individuals; indeed, it can be consuming and overwhelming. They will struggle to retain it as long as possible, but inevitably it spills over- typically during heated, emotional confrontation. Their inner emotional turmoil increases dramatically whenever they feel their emotions have thrown them out of control, shifting them into a "fight or flight" mode of thinking. Cruel, devastating things are often said and done during these explosive periods, so they nearly always create sudden and dramatic changes within the aspected individual's relationships.

What is not visible to their partners is that these dramatic changes are rarely the native's conscious aim; they simply reach a point where their emotions become so overwhelming that they feel they are forced to make a impulsive decision between exploding or imploding. Moon Square Pluto natives often do not see how truly damaging their inner conflict is to those who love them.

Although a difficult placement, it is also relatively easy to circumvent through self-actualization and study of the self. Although it is not always obvious to others, natives with this placement truly do desire to bond with others- it's only the fear of their own powerful emotions which prevents them from doing so. By Pluto's very nature, it is often the death of a loved one or birth of a child which causes this transformation in people with this tension aspect. A patient but forceful companion (lover, friend, family member, etc) who will refuse to allow the native to destroy their connection with hurtful words can also be instrumental. In order to jump the hurdle of this placement, individuals must learn to let go and communicate their feelings/difficulties more openly, so that others can help them to release their tension in less damaging ways. Redirecting preoccupation with the inner self toward helping others could become a way for emotional intensity to flow safely outward, reducing the inner pressure which leads Moon Square Pluto natives to destruction.


Anonymous said...

I have moon square pluto (Cap-Moon in 4th and Scorp-Pluto in 1st) and find this article 100000% true. Fortunately, my husband is VERY patient, though he calls me: untamable beast. I am an artist and sometimes when I couldn't "destroy" us('cause he simply didn't let me do this, he was so immune to my...fury)I used to destroy my own paintings instead, literally (or whatever, just valuable enough for both of us). There are TERRIBLE moments in our life, it's of course my fault and I'm aware of this, but I can't change myself. I just don't really care sometimes and I'm not afraid of any changes. We both got used to these "outbursts", at least once a month. As to my friends, well, I really love people and respect them but I forget about my old friends easily and can't wait to meet new ones. It is difficult for me to maintain a friendship but I don't feel bad with that, on the contrary. New people and new circumstances, places, experiences are like new life for me and (maybe it sounds horrible) I find it extremely stimulating. But there is something that makes me "happy" with this placement, I feel that somehow this intensity and all these extremes help me create my art. Besides I'm not afraid to admit my mistakes and to show repentance, just will not change :P

Anonymous said...

i really recognized my self in this article, i'm dificult to handle, to my friend mostly, distant in relations, and i hide most of my self to others. I have moon in acuarius (9th) pluto in scorpio (6th) and sometimes I have very deep feeling i can't comunicate to nobody, but not becouse there is nobody there, just becouse i'm very reserved and distant. I tend to tell people things only when i've digested the whole deal becouse i don't want to scare nobody with my intense emotional problems, but of course thats the way i see it, I'm still young and learning.
Thanks for the article and for putting more light on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I have a 12th house Pluto Square my Cap moon in the 3rd house and I recognize myself to a scary and very uncomfortable degree. Unfortunately, I'm already too busy helping others to deal with myself at this moment in time. This isn't a choice, it's a necessity to prioritize this way because I have minor dependents with severe problems.

Anonymous said...

I have a Midheaven Scorpio Pluto square my 12th house Aquarius Moon and everything in this text matches with me... strong and out of control emotions have been really destructive, despite my Aquarius Moon.

Anonymous said...

I have moon in aquarius and pluto in scorpio and i can relate to this so much. there is much tension in my head, no matter WHAT i do i can't get rid of it. No number of significant relationships have helped me get out of it. it's like this shell into which i recede...and there have been many verbal outbursts i'm not proud of. Moon square pluto isn't the best aspect and i see it manifested in many ways in me. But thankfully i have some other peaceful aspects in my chart like venus in libra which naturally make others less of a victim to these emotional thunderstorms. yeah, the inner self is what suffers the most. but i'm also thankful to this placement. i know what i feel is real, isn't scripted, isn't fake and is deep.

Anonymous said...

Here's my Moon Square Pluto response:) I'm so sick of all the negativity that surrounds what are considered "hard" aspects--the squares, oppositions--they are lessons. They can be worked through. They are opportunities, yes for self-growth. Why not focus on how Moon Square Pluto people are able to channel their negs into positive and transformed things: like poems or necklaces or like helping other people "see the light." Where there's destruction--like a seedling fighting its way up through the soil--there is always growth. Growth!

Anonymous said...

It's been so interesting to read others' experiences. I'm a Libra, Scorpio rising, with my 7th house Taurus Moon squaring Pluto in Leo in my 10th house.

I recognize myself in some, but not all of what's been written. The pre-occupation with the inner self hit home the hardest. I find it almost impossible to let go of past hurts and this has been the hardest thing to live with. And I definitely have intense emotions that I struggle with.... struggle to not hurt myself or others.

I have trouble expressing anger... I keep it inside which I know is not good for me. Plus, it's exhausting! It's always been very important to me to NOT let anyone know that I'm angry... ever. It feels unsafe. And it just seems such an ugly thing... anger.

My history of relationships, both romantic and friendships, looks like this: unexpressed anger builds over time until there comes a 'last straw' and I just leave. No explosions... I'm just gone. I'm sure it's a shock to whoever is on the other side of it.

As an artist, I've tried to make angry paintings as a way to express it and even there it's difficult to do because I don't want to 'look' at it. But I'm not giving up on that and hope the process will make me more comfortable with anger and other dark feelings and put me at peace with myself.

Anonymous said...

I have moon sqaure pluto. I agree with most stuff above. but we are powerful people. we love others but we have a ridiculously acute intuitive sensitiity. that we can sense bs from a thousand miles away. but we are caring loving individuals.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Aries sun with my mars in Aries. . I Also have moon square Pluto/ moon square mars/ mars opposite Pluto/ Venus opposite Pluto . . I'm a whole lot of woman to handle. .And I def understand the part about other women feeling threatened by this energy. .I've mellowed out over the years, but it takes a strong man to handle my energy and intensity. . And my Scorpio who is just as strong does a good job

Anonymous said...

I have a Puluto in Libra 3rd hpouse and Moon in Cancer 12th house.The article is unbelievably acurate and it helps to laern that most of those recations are unconscious..I am able of the most toxix verbal brutalities and I am ashamed of them.The paragraph about aversion towards Cancer-type motherly figure women, is another part I strongly identify with..I have been a rebell all my life and not a happy one.But alas, it helps to know I am not the only one..Love and peace to all.

L. ROSS said...

Kate Middleton has this aspect in her natal chart. Has other strong, difficult things too, like Mars conjunct ascendant...and I wonder if William is aware that he's not the dominant person in that marriage ?

planetpriya said...

I just found out my little 11 month old daughter has this aspect plus moon conjunct uranus in aries in the 12th house. How do I become a better mother it doesn't look good :-/

Anonymous said...

Yes the Moon sq Pluto thing. I have 10th hse Pluto in Virgo, squared by Sag Moon in 12th hse,conjunct Asc.

My 2 sons have Moon sq Pluto also. My eldest child/daughter has Moon sextile Pluto.

My only sibling/younger sister, has Moon in Scorp.

Heaven help anyone who hurts me or mine lol.

There is a common thing we seem to have. Others have commented to us separately, over the course of our lives, that we give a death stare at the crucial moment when violence is about to cause us harm. It doesn't come out during our passionate, heated anger phase. But during that moment when we go totally and deeply cold, quiet and unfeeling to the perpetrator. Fully indignant and proud with righteous anger. Seriously, grown men have stopped mid swing or faltered unnerved, and told us off for looking that way??? This is the thing though. None of us know we are doing it. It is not something we can just do at will. It is like a soul or psychic energy comes up from the pit and is seen in our eyes. I want to one day see what I actually look like. Trippy eh?

Ruby said...

I'm sorry to comment this way, but you have no links to follow or contact. I'm curious if you have a blog or Facebook page we can follow. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I had had this aspect transitting for the past 5 years or so and this article fit like a glove.
For those with the natal aspect I feel your pain! And your anger! And your rebel! My goodness, this has been a heavy transit, and I even have natal mars square moon in 8th which makes for a very explosive temperament already. When Pluto hooks up with my moon this way too, it became almost violent. At least my feelings was, and in my former relationship I was looked down upon and shamed for having such destructive/forceful feelings which I couldn't handle at all - and insted of exploding, I imploded... which, by far, is the almost WORST thing to do with this aspect! I spent 2 years building myself up after the very nasty break-up, undergoing tremendous inner change and purging through this period. Phew!

Luckily, after some of the worst had come off, I found my soulmate - a stellium 12th house Taurus - also with his chiron in Taurus. He is rock solid - and a perfect fit for my stellium Scorpio and also with this heavy transit going on. Also, the Pluto/Uranus squares from 2012 to 2015 has NOT been easy, with this transit also. It has sorta been like a giant Crand Cross involving my mars/moon square, Pluto/moon/Uranus in square-square. Talk about inner tension!

I've said some really hurtful things to my new boyfriend, but being who he is, he also said some very nasty things to me. Luckily things have eased up a bit and we've come to terms with a lot of things, being stubborn and opposites natally. But he's the most patient and emotionally rock solid person I've ever met, with a tremendous understanding of the human psyche (a PTSD trauma psychologist/expert actually - LOL) - and thus we survvived these transits together, which in turn brought us even closer together.
This transit is soon coming to an end, when Pluto will turn direct, and thus I'll be out of the worst of it, also with the P/U squares out of the way, and so I hope it will lead to more prosperity and calmness in our relationship. I have already felt it for some time.

To everybody with this hard transit going on: Stay strong. This too shall pass. Don't fight it, accept the changes and that you're given a gift for enormous self understanding in this process.

A .Settels said...

I have Moon Square Pluto-Sag Moon-Leo Rising Aqua Sun. All I have to say is what an incredible opportunity for growth. I try to think before I act but if there are casualities around my explosive moments then it's probably a healing thing for them too.

Venus in Pisces and a Taurus Midheaven have probably kept me grounded.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the compassion of the author of this tract...
Written in the year my son who has cacer moon closely square libran pluto,for sensitively identifying and then consistently supporting, the hardwired nature of the anguish of pluto square moon.

It is after all the depth of compassion that pluto is capable of, that scares the shit out of the subject who fears to feel its cataclysmic power infusing their drives.

Anonymous said...

I have Moon in Aqa (2nd house) square Pluto in Scorpio (11th/12th house). The article is really accurate, but in my case is about friendships.
" There is no fear of being alone with this placement, and many natives will find that they enjoy their solitude to a higher degree than what is considered normal." In reallity a HAD that fear but now I really enjoy in solitude. Too many destructive friendships with emotional unstable individuals, power games, emotional manipulation and depresive stages because of them are the determinants of this position. That is the only bad aspect of Pluto in my natal chart, and the Moon too (powerful Pluto included in Grand Water Trine and Moon in soft aspect with Neptune, MC, ASC, North Node and Lilith). I really don't know how to "handle" with that. I found that emotional distance and isolation is the best solution...
Thanks a lot for this article and sorry if my English is bad, I'm doing my best with "crazy" Saturn in 3rd house. :-D

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